What’s next?

Follow these steps to enroll in a course

STEP 1 Schedule a meeting with me. A placement test is vital to know your English level in order to place you in the right class. After the test (15 minutes long), you’ll be invited to join a free class. Schedule your placement test here

STEP 2 Attend the free class and evaluate if our methodology suits your needs. Do don’t need to pay first to see if you’ll like our classes but the other way around!

STEP 3 Choose a package and register! If you are interested in group classes, check the calendar for schedules. After you make the payment, you will receive a link to access the virtual classroom and platform.

*If you haven’t taken English lessons before and would like to start from the beginning,  schedule a meeting with me to reserve a spot for the “beginners class”. Check the calendar for schedules. Schedule a meeting with me here

Check the calendar

In this calendar you’ll find the group classes and workshops available this month. Which one would you like to enroll in? Check your availability and find the best schedule for you.